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.049 Back end
Cox 049 Fuel tank Backplate
Cox 049 Backplate Assembly
- DIe cast
Cox 049 Backplate Assembly

Price: S$7.50

Price: S$15.00
Price: S$17.00

Price: S$3.00
 Complete back end
 Includes all gaskets and hardware

Cox 049 Spray bar
 High quality brass
 Not suitable for engines without fuel tanks
 Complete back end
 Large, screen-less, high flow venturi flow
 Includes all gasket and hardware

 Heavy duty plastic
 Screen-less
Price: S$13.90
Cox 049 Texaco Fuel tank backplate
 Heavy duty (grey) plastic
 Smaller venturi hole than standard backplates
 Screen-less
Cox 049 Exhaust Deflector shield
 Directs exhaust and fuel run-off away from 
 Act as a heat shield
 Derived from used engines
Price: S$3.00