What is Aeromodelling??
Aeromodelling is an activity of designing, building, and flying of model airplanes, helicopters and anything else that flies. It is an international hobby and sport. You get to express your creativity in the aircraft you create and have opportunities to prove their air-worth in local and international competitions. 

This sport is one of the only few that spans across all age groups and all can compete within the same discipline. So if you are looking for an interesting activity you can bond with your kids, Aeromodelling can be your choice. 

​​The categories for Aeromodelling are numerous and varies in different countries based on the weather patterns and interests of the people flying in each country. ​​For Singapore, there are mainly 3 broad categories -- Non-powered Gliders, Control Line flying, and Radio Control Flying.

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Aeromodelling - A Science
Aeromodelling - A Sport
Aeromodelling - A Hobby
Aeromodelling touches on the key physics principles of flight. Designing and building a plane is exciting and challenging. There are many considerations behind the forces of flight, optimising aerodynamics and a grasp of balance. Engine-powered planes also involve appreciating the art of engine and propeller designs.

This is a great engaging activity that prepares you for further education and future careers in Aerospace engineering, Electronics, Airport Management, and Piloting.
Aeromodelling - A Career
Aeromodelling is widely recognised as an international aviation sport governed by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). In 2008, the Singapore Sports Council also officially recognised Aeromodelling as a sport locally. There are many local, regional and international competitions available for those who are game for it!
It's not that serious after all!

Aeromodelling can also be a hobby that is practised at your leisure. Join us at the field on Sundays with your aircraft and just fly it! Let go of your stress and burdens of the week and just enjoy the moments watching your plane soaring gracefully in the sky.
Passionate about flying, aeromodelling or coaching? Want to walk down a unique route, passing down your knowledge of aviation and model building to new generations? Just Fly It is keen to know you. Drop Joyce an email (joyce@justflyit.org) for a quick chat today!​​


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