Control Line Aeromodelling
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In this category of flight, there will be a streamer attached to the aircraft. Two pilots will be flying in the same flying circle with the objective to cutting the opponent's streamer. Each cut on the opponent's streamer is 100 points. Each pilot will be entitled to have 2 models to be used in each heat.

Flying combat is not only about preventing your streamer from being cut; it is also about keeping your model airborne. 

For every second your model is in the air you will gain a point. But for every second your model is on the ground you will lose a point. 

Combat, also known as F2D under the FAI classification, involves both the skills of speed and maneuvering. Its other name is "high speed stunt". The pilot must be able to cope with the high speed of the plane and at the same time perform maneuvers during flight. 

This is a category that is not just exciting for the pilots, but also an engaging event for the audience!
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