Control Line Flying
Control line flying is similar to flying a powered kite, except with 2 lines attached to the bellcrank of the plane. The other ends of the lines will be attached to a handle, and the plane will be flown within a space of a hemisphere around the pilot. The space you need for flying is determined by the length of the lines you choose to use.

The plane is controlled by the handle you hold, so the power is yours. Nudging the handle would affect the movement of the elevator, which would in turn cause the maneuvering of the plane. ​​

There are 3 main aspects of control line practiced in Singapore - Aerobatics, Team Racing, and Combat.​​

Aerobatics (F2B)
Team Racing (F2C)
Combat Flying (F2D)
This category – Stunt/Aerobatics – tests on the precision of the pilot in his referencing and visual skills as he brings the plane through to make creative patterns in the sky. A lot of time and effort may be involved in perfecting the movements, but appreciation given by the audience proves everything worthwhile!

This category can be competitive, but at the same time, can also be very relaxing watching your plane dance gracefully in the sky. Stunt flying involves multiple concepts of control line flying and other technical knowledge. 
Sounds tough, but it is a very worthy challenge!
In team racing, three teams will compete simultaneously in a flying circle. Each team will consist of a pilot and a mechanic. Coordination within the team is of utmost importance in the race.

The team that completes 100 laps within the fastest time wins. As the planes are going at similar speeds (1.8s/lap to 2.0s/lap), the differentiating factors are fine details like the tuning of the engine and pitstop timing.

Beginners usually start with profile models, commonly known as Class A. These planes have speed slightly slower (2.2s/lap - 2.8s/lap), and they are easier to manage when flying with two other pilots at the same time.​​
Combat flying involves both the skills of speed and maneuvering. The pilot must be able to perform maneuvers with the plane at high speed.

In this category, there is a streamer attached to the aircraft. Two pilots will be flying in the same flying circle with the objective to cutting the opponent's streamer. Each cut on the opponent's streamer is 100 points. 

Flying these planes not only pumps up the adrenaline in the pilots, but also hypes up the audience. Combat Flying is always the highlight of control line demonstrations!
Control Line Flying

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