Radio Control Flying
Radio Control flying is relatively popular in Singapore. The interest increase with the advancement of technology in electronics. Using a radio transmitter, one can send signals to a receiver that is attached to the plane.

Flying a radio control plane requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and observational skills. You will learn how to control your plane in its pitch, roll and yaw axis, and how to trim your plane to balance. 

Beginners are encouraged to consult mentors to guide you on flying if it is your first time. Your transmitter will be linked to the instructor's transmitter using a buddy cord. 

​​So are you ready? Remember to charge your batteries! and Just Fly It!​​
Radio Control GLiders
Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) Foamies
Aerobatics (Pattern flying) 
Radio control gliders are powered by electric motors and servos attached to control the flight. Glider flying strengthens one's  reflexes and relaxes the mind within its graceful moves.

Slope gliding is a popular sport at Bedok Reservoir, especially during the slope season from Dec to Mar. These gliders are launched off a slope and ride on thermal air motions.

​​Discus-launched RC gliders are also alternatives. They do not rely on motors to be launched in the air. Instead, they are thrust into the air like throwing a discus. 
Electric Ducted Fan Foamies are gaining popularity in Singapore with secured leisure flying. Ducted Fan propulsion models the jet engines in real aircrafts. They are designed for high speed and scale modelling. 

​​Foam EDF Jets kits are readily available at local hobby shops, and at affordable prices. Most of these sets are almost ready to fly, they just require a small effort to assemble the electronics. Still, if you are a beginner, we would still encourage you to get a mentor to guide you through flying.  
Radio Control aerobatics is the art of flying a radio control plane to perform routined maneuvers. This discipline challenges a pilot's ability to precisely carry out the patterns within a given time. It also tests one's spatial referencing skills because these planes are flying at quite a fair distance and not very easy to visualize the space they are flying in.

With challenge brings excitement as well! Any pilot can fly well with enough practice. As these planes are generally huge, they are usually flown at big open spaces like Tuas. ​​
Radio Control Helicopters  
Flying Radio Control Helicopters are not for the faint-hearted as it requires more time & effort to fix up, calibrate it, and can become dangerous if not flown with care & quick reflexes. Every manoeuvre is 360 on the dot swivel and the helicopters have different characteristics on each flight.

​​Daunting as it may sound, with regular practices on the flight simulator and a basic heli, you will slowly gain confidence and advance. With constant practice and some guidance from the veterans, it is not at all a tough sport.

" For many, the sky is the limit. For aviation lovers, the sky is  ​only the beginning. "​
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