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Are you awed by the roaring F-16 fighter jets when they display their formations or the Chinook Helicopters as they bear the national flag up in the sky? Bring these excitement close to your celebration venues with model aircrafts fly pass and other formations we can do to hype up your event. 
Require something unique to spruce up your event? Wish to grab the attention of onlookers? Let Just Fly It help you. We have done flying demonstrations in schools and external aerofests. Special requests for specific colour themes or hanging of banner are welcome. These activities can be done both indoors and outdoors to suit your needs.  
Looking for interesting activities for your company retreat? Keen to head outdoors for a change? Be a little closer to nature, and bond together through group activities? Just Fly It can plan aeromodelling activities where you can either attempt at constructing a glider in groups based on a reference model, or learn how to fly with planes provided. 
Do you have an event in mind that is not listed above? We can customise our programmes to suit your event.
Aerial Projects / Video Production
Stuck in your aerial project? Need our expertise to help you realise your project? Or you require a loan of flying equipment and piloting service? Just Fly It is more than keen to see how we can help. Consult us today, and even if we might not be able to assist, we can refer you to our contacts.

" For many, the sky is the limit. For aviation lovers, the sky is  ​only the beginning. "​
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