Control Line Aeromodelling
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This category – Stunt/Aerobatics – tests on the precision of the pilot in his referencing and visual skills as he brings the plane through to make creative patterns in the sky. A lot of time and effort may be involved in perfecting the movements, but appreciation given by the audience proves everything worthwhile!
In a competition, the pilot will be tested on different sets of maneuvers. A panel of judges will be situated at a spot outside the flying circle and give scores based on how precise the shapes are. 

Sounds tough, but it is a very worthy challenge because it tests on many concepts of control line flying and other technical knowledge.  For the full FAI schedule of the patterns, click here.
This sport is also well-loved by photographers as the planes are slow enough to be captured by the lens, and it challenges anticipation of the plane’s movements. (the pictures above are taken in mid-flight - photographer: Mr Simon Khoong)

Competition aside, this category can be very relaxing and graceful as the plane follows through the patterns within the scope of the hemisphere. Stunt flying is quite forgivable, make a mistake and you will usually still have enough time to salvage it or at least minimize damage. 
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