Control Line Aeromodelling
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Team racing is also known as F2C under the FAI classification. In this event, three teams will compete simultaneously in a flying circle. 

Each team will consist of a pilot and a mechanic. Coordination and communication between a pilot and its mechanic is of utmost importance. 

The objective of the race is to complete 100 laps within the fastest timing as possible. 

Though this category involves high level of expertise, beginners can work their way up by starting with profile models, commonly known as Class A. These planes have speed slightly slower (2.2s/lap - 2.8s/lap), and they are easier to manage when flying with two other pilots at the same time.
As the planes are going at similar speeds (1.8s/lap to 2.0s/lap), the differentiating factors are fine details like the tuning of the engine and pitstop timing.

At the world championship level, a good pitstop is less than three seconds!
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