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Nurturing Pilots of Life

Just Fly It is Singapore’s leading aerospace-related workshop provider offering hands-on programmes for School Elective Modules, STEM Enrichment Workshops, and Corporate Team Building Activities.

It has been nurturing pilots of life and boosting interest in students through workshops in aeronautics, automotive, electronics, programming, and 3D Printing for more than 50 corporations, schools, charity organisations and families in the past 10 years.

Hands-on Educational STEM Workshops & Custom Projects

Safety is our priority 


We will ensure that your curriculum with us will be safe and fun. We prioritized your safety

Trainers are all MOE registered


We ensure that all trainer who conduct your classes are all registered and check prior to classes

CAAS Advisory Panel


Unsure about the new regulations? We can help ! We can assist you in registrations.

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With us you benefit from all these & more!

More than 50 satisfied customers

10 years of experience

More than 20 awards

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More than 30 experienced trainers