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Looking for unique activities for your company retreat or for giving back to the community? Build rapport and have a blast with your teammates or families with our aerospace-themed team building workshops! You can pick a ready-to-go activity below to find out more or request us to customise something suitable for you.

Do you have a special request for your corporate retreat?

We can customise our programmes to suit your event.

Team Building ACTIVITIES


Be exposed to the basics of drone flying. Bond with your team as you put your skills to the test in a Drone Relay Race.

Disaster is at bay! Develop and execute a rescue mission plan as a team to save victims by flying drones through obstacles.

Pop your opponents' balloons and win the game. But beware, do not pop your own team's balloons or get yours popped! 


Save time when you give back through us

Highly flexible and customisable programmes

Explore innovation through experiential learning

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With us you benefit from all these & more!

Create a greeting card with a beneficiary of your choice and spend quality time engaging them to decorate and beautify the card! 


Build up a glider together and launch it in the great outdoors. Watch it soar into the sky with your hopes and aspirations! 

Create a water rocket together from PET bottle and other recycled materials. Blast it off with your beneficiary and enjoy the splash!

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Unleash your creative side with your team through fun-filled hands-on activities.

Choose from already designed workshops or we can craft out customised programmes to include suit your needs

We link you up with beneficiaries and make travel arrangements for your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

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