AbOUT just Fly It

Founded in 2010, Just Fly It (JFI) initially aimed to provide a fun and dynamic environment for existing Aeromodellers to pursue their hobby. It slowly evolved to offer hands-on enrichment programmes in schools with an aim to spark aviation and science interest in students. It has been nurturing pilots of life and boosting interest through workshops for more than 50 corporations and schools in the past ten years. 

In an effort to promote STEM thinking in our students, we developed and expanded in 2016 to provide additional workshops in the fields of Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Programming, and 3D Printing. 

More than 50 satisfied customers

10 years of experience

More than 20 awards

More than 30 experienced trainers

Our Founder, Joyce

Aeromodelling has been a hobby for Joyce since young. This activity involves applications of science and mathematics concepts while tasting the fun of building and flying a plane. Joyce aspires to inspire more youths into Aeromodelling not only to adopt as a sport and hobby, but also as an early insight into Aviation Careers and a kinaesthetic approach to education. In her dedication to education, she has since entered the education market, hoping to be able to share her passion with more people of all ages, giving them more opportunities to be exposed to such activities in Singapore.

Our Instructors 

Just Fly It's workshops are led by experienced MOE-registered trainers who are passionate about the topics that they teach and nurturing students in values and character, entrenching our motto of "Nurturing Pilots of Life". Under the wings of our instructors, numerous students have been inspired and motivated to work hard towards their goals. 

We also do our own in-house training for all our trainers to ensure that the trainers will be well-equipped and prepared to conduct our workshops to the students consistently. 

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