Course Information

3D Printing is an emerging technology in the 21st century and is rising in popularity. The 3D pen is a handy tool that we can easily create rough prototypes with. They work by melting thermoplastics (e.g. ABS or PLA) and then extruding it through the tip of the pen. The extruded plastic is soft and will follow the movements of the pen to form the object that the person draws. This workshop serves as an introduction to 3D pens which will help unleash creativity in the participants as they design and create 3D objects that they can take home.

Course Specifications

Key takeaways


Age group

Venue required

Indoor space for 3D pen experience.

Teaching Language 

Course Structure

  • Theory on 3D Printing Applications - 30 mins
  • 3D Pen experience (Indoors) - 30 mins
  • Creation of a 3D keychain (Indoors) - 60 mins

2 hours

6 years old and above

English | Mandarin available

**3D Pens will be returned to us at the end**

  1. Science Principles like Heat and Energy
  2. Design techniques using a 3D pen
  3. Understanding materials in Filament
  4. Hand-eye coordination
  5. Applications of 3D designing

Participants learn how the 3D pen works. They will be taught how to see 3D spatial views and orthographic views through creating their very own object prototype. 

3D Printing science

Participants of this workshop will learn physics concepts like heat and energy. They will watch the plastic filament melt at the pen tip and solidifying upon cooling.


I love this workshop. With the 3D pen, I created my name tag and made something to give my mother. I had a lot of fun trying out different colours and shapes.

Student, Ai Tong Primary School