Elective Module Description

Aeronautics Elective Module was first introduced by Just Fly It in Secondary Schools in 2013. In its first year of introduction alone, 18 schools took it up as one of the elective modules. With multiple reviews and evolution, the Aerospace Elective Module aims to give students a taster of the Industry and expose aspiring students to the career options and tertiary options.

This elective module comprises of a short theory lesson to give students foundational knowledge on the principles of flight spread out over the multiple days. Through a hands-on approach, the students will then apply science concepts to design and build a plane or a quadcopter. As a reward, the students will get to test flight their product on the last day under the guidance of the trainer.

Module Specifications

Key takeaways

Learning Journey Options

Brief Topics Options

  • Chuck / Launched Glider 
  • Rubber Powered Glider
  • Control Line Plane 
  • Drone Flying
  • DIY Build Drone
  • Drone Programming
  • Industry partner
  • Flight Simulator Experience
  • iFly Skydive Experience
  • Tertiary Institute Tour
  1. Overview and basic understanding of the Aeronautics Engineering Industry
  2. Exposure to tertiary course offerings and understanding job possibilities and roles in the Industry
  3. Practical applications of math and science concepts through designing, building and flying the plane/quadcopter
  4. Hands-on approach as a way to spark and sustain interest in Aeronautical engineering industry
  5. Certificate which is instrumental for application into aerospace tertiary courses

Everything was clear and instructions were easy to follow and trainers were well prepared. I am able to learn something that is interesting to me and build our own model plane. I will use the skills that I have learnt to aim for Aerospace Engineering

Student, Bedok South Secondary School


Room with tables and chairs for building

Indoor space for flying drones

Outdoor space for flying planes


tertiary options
  • Nitec in Aerospace Technology
  • Nitec in Aerospace Avionics
  • Nitec in Aerospace Machining Technology
  • Higher Nitec in Aerospace Engineering
  • Diploma in Aerospace Engineering
  • Diploma in Aerospace Technology
  • Diploma in Aerospace Systems and Mgmt
  • Degrees in NUS, NTU and SUTD
  • Air Transport Training College
  • Pilots / Flight Instructors
  • Aerospace technicians
  • Aerospace engineers
  • Aircraft designer and manufacturer
  • Control tower operators
  • Ground handlers (Food, Luggage, Goods)
  • Customs crew / personnel
  • Airport service crew
  • CAAS regulators