Course Information

Cars are a important means of transport in Singapore, apart from its well-established public transport network. This basic automotive workshop introduces the students to how cars operate, learning the principles of motion, understanding car design while the factors that increase the car’s performance. In this workshop the participants will understand and apply science concepts through modifying the stock cars, changing gear ratios and switching motors, and testing them out on the race track.

Course Specifications

Key takeaways


Age group

Venue required

Indoor space for modifying and testing the race car on the track.

Teaching Language 

Course Structure

  • Theory on automotive concepts - 30 mins
  • Modifying cars (Indoors) - 30 mins
  • Test out cars on track (Indoors) - 60 mins

2 hours

8 years old and above

Parent-child available

English | Mandarin available

**Tamiya cars will be returned to us at the end**

  1. Basic introduction to Automotive concepts, car design and features of a car
  2. Gain insights behind the vehicles used on the road every day.
  3. Application of Science concepts by observing gear ratios and motors torque.
  4. Hands-on approach to spark interest in Automotive Engineering. 

Participants will be taught to take apart the stock car, to observe the gear interaction with the wheels. They will then fix on different gear sets and motors to test the performance.


Participants of this workshop will learn physics concepts like Newton's law of motions, gear ratio and motor torque. They will see the effect as they modify the car and test it on the track.


It is fun racing the cars with my friends, Yay! Ten out of ten. Let’s go again.

Student, CCK Student Care