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Competition Training

Gearing up for the competition? Just Fly It has been training students for competitions since we started education in Schools in 2010. We specialise in training students for the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC), interschool competitions by SYFC and NCC Air, ITE Ignite World Skills Challenge and Drone Odyssey. We can also plan and host competitions upon request. Our trainers have also experience in competitions themselves so they can share their knowledge and mindset to approach the competition. In our training sessions designed for your students, we not only help equip your students with the necessary skills needed in the competition, but also provide tips at winning and building up emotional resilience in the students.

21   century skills

Our STEM workshops are platforms where students can explore their creativity and develop critical thinking through clearing obstacles. They will also learn to communicate and collaborate when they get involved in group work.  

qUALITY trainers

Our workshops are led by experienced MOE-registered trainers who were once competitors themselves. So they are able to help discuss and form strategies with the students for the competition and support them mentally. 


With considerations to learning styles of our students, our STEM workshops keep strictly to 10% theory sessions and 90% hands-on experiential activities. This will ensure full engagement of our students.


These modules are specially crafted for the benefits of the students. The curriculum is constantly reviewed & modified upon gathering feedback from the students so as to craft lesson plans that would excite them to learn.

Why Choose Us?

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We look forward to serving you and your students.


"I have been participating for SAFMC Cat C1 and SYFC Pylon since Sec 1, the instructors constantly challenge me and my peers to perform more than what was expected for the competitions."

Student from Hillgrove Secondary YFC


Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC)

  • Category A : Paper Plane
  • Category B : Unpowered Glider
  • Category C1 : Radio Control Flight - Fixed Wing
  • Category C2 : FPV Flight - Novice 
  • Category C3 : FPV Flight - Advanced
  • Category D1 : Semi Autonomous
  • Category D2 : Autonomous
  • Category E : FPV Flight - Elite 

Singapore Youth Flying Club Interschool Competition (SYFC) 

  • Launch Glider 
  • Flight Simulator 
  • FPV Drone Race
  • Electric Powered Indoor Fix Wing Model Pylon Race
We offer training for : 
We offer training for : 

National Cadet Corp Air Unit ( NCC Air) 

We offer training for : 

  • Launch Glider
  • Radio Control Flight Simulator 
  • Radio Control Limbo 
  • Radio Control Spot Landing
"The instructor was creative in his way of training us for the competition and taught us valuable lifeskills along the way as well as managing of stores and equipment."

Student from Compassvale Secondary NCC

"Building a winning chuck glider for SAFMC is not easy, but Mr Roderick taught us many unique building techniques. He was also very patient while we practice and master the skill."

Student from Woodgrove Secondary YFC

"The glider lessons were unique for beginners like me without any experience to understand and then participating for SAFMC Cat B. It was satisfying to build a glider from scratch."

Student from Chung Cheng Main

"Apart from just flying, the instructor also taught us how to perform functional checks and repair our drones. Mr Saimen also guided us to solder the camera which was useful as its the easiest."

Student from Hwa Chong Institute

"There was a good balance between theory and practical. I never knew gliders can be built in this way. The trainer encouraged us a lot to try out new ideas and guide us to make them successful."

Student from Catholic High School