Course Information

Participants will be introduced to basic electrical circuits; they will understand how circuit breakers work and lighting systems in homes. They will then apply the concepts learnt and be guided on making their own DIY lamp from raw materials like bulb, wires, 3-pin plug. They will learn how to create a closed circuit and how the wiring in a 3-pin plug works. They will then proceed to create the lamp and decorate a lamp shade for their product.

Course Specifications

Key takeaways


Age group

Venue required

Indoor space for DIY Lamp

Teaching Language 

Course Structure

  • Theory on Electricity - 30 mins
  • Design of lamp shade (Indoors) - 30 mins
  • Wiring up the lamp (Indoors) - 60 mins

2 hours

8 years old and above

Parent-child available

English | Mandarin available

**Each participant will take home a DIY lamp**

  1. Basic introduction to electrical appliances & how they work
  2. Applications of electrical circuits in everyday life, AC/DC circuits
  3. Learn about circuit breakers and lighting systems in homes
  4. Understanding how plugs and wires work
  5. Appreciate making your own DIY lamp.

Participants will learn how a 3 pin plug works which is a very common component of an electrical system. They will wire up the circuit on their own and create a lamp. 


Before this workshop, I have only seen the insides of a 3 pin plug in my textbook. Now I know how the wires are screwed onto the plug and link it to the bulb. It was awesome to create my very own lamp.

Student, Bendemeer Secondary School

Electrical science

Trainer will share with the participants about basic electrical concepts like AC/DC Circuits, series and parallel circuits, how 3 pin plug works and applications of lighting systems.