Elective Module Description

In Singapore, the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a strategic focus, driven by the government's vision of a Smart Nation. The city-state has been actively investing in IoT infrastructure and fostering an ecosystem conducive to innovation in this field.

The Smart Technology Applied Learning Module provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly expanding domain of smart technology. Through hands-on projects and real-world applications, students explore the integration of smart devices, sensors, and automation systems in homes and urban environments. Emphasizing sustainable practices and user-centric design solutions, the module equips students with the skills and knowledge to innovate within the evolving landscape of smart technology.

Module Specifications

Key takeaways

Learning Journey Options

Brief Topics Options

  • Microelectronics like Chibitronics MicroLED
  • Microbit programming with electronics
  • Smart Home creation with sensors
  • Solar Panel fans
  • Electronic car (Follow the Line)
  • Industry partner
  • Smart Nation Cityscape
  • Tertiary Institute Tour
  1. Overview and basic understanding of the Electronics Engineering Industry
  2. Exposure to tertiary course offerings and understanding job possibilities and roles in the Industry
  3. Gain insights behind electronics and microelectronics technologies
  4. Practical applications of math and science concepts through creating electronic circuits and SMART automated products.
  5. Hands-on approach as a way to spark and sustain interest in Electronics Engineering industry
  6. Certificate which is instrumental for application into Electronics tertiary courses
tertiary options
  • Nitec in Electronics and Internet of Things
  • Nitec in Electronics, Computer Networking
  • Nitec in Microelectronics
  • Nitec in Electrical Technology
  • Higher Nitec in Electronics Engineering
  • Higher Nitec in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Electronics and Electrical Eng
  • Diploma in Electronics Systems
  • Degrees in NUS, NTU, SIT and SUTD
electronic CAREERS
  • Electronics engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Robotics automation engineers
  • Clean energy Management
  • Machine learning engineers
  • Management consultant
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Technical sales engineer
  • Project Manager 

It was a meaningful experience during this SMART Technology (IOT) module. We gain a lot of knowledge about how the LEDs work and soldering during this module. Perhaps I would consider joining the electronics industry in the future as it seems quite interesting.

Student , Whitley Secondary School


Room with tables and chairs for creation

Wall sockets for power