Course Specifications

Key takeaways


Age group

Materials required

Clear table for folding the planes on

A ruler and some pieces of A4 paper

Teaching Methodology

Course Structure

  • Theory on basic aerodynamics - 10 mins
  • Folding of paper plane (Indoors) - 20 mins
  • Test Flight of plane (Outdoors) - Own time

30 Mins

7 years old and above

Under 7 years old, require parental guidance

Lesson will be conducted in English only

  1. Introductory flight principles of paper planes
  2. How paper planes achieve flight
  3. Applications of math and science concepts on folding the paper planes 
  4. Tips of folding paper planes for performance
  5. Techniques to launch the planes to fly further

Participants will be taught to fold paper planes in halves and quarters, learning fractions and proportions while following the instructions. They will also learn about  geometry of shapes.

Flight science

Participants of this workshop will learn physics concepts like kinetic energy, four forces of flight, Newton's law of motions, flight trajectory, .center of gravity.


Feeling bored staying home amidst COVID-19? Calling out to all young aviators around the globe. Paper Gliders are graceful non-powered planes that take off in the air with a simple thrust. Most of us who fascinate about flight would have folded a paper plane. I believe many of you can already fold paper planes on your own, so why join our lesson?

In this lesson we will share about how planes fly in the air and how paper planes can achieve flight without air foil. Principles of flight theory and paper plane design considerations will be infused during the course. We will guide you through proper folding techniques of paper gliders. We will also share with you tips on how to make your paper plane fly further. 

This virtual live session is recommended for kids 7 to 12 years old of age. Parents are more than welcomed to bond with your kids by folding the plane together. For kids 6 years and below, an adult must be present to guide the child. You can learn at the comfort of your house, all you need is a clean table, a ruler and some A4 paper. Limited registrations, please fill up your details in the form below to register for yourself or your child.

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