Course Information

Paper Gliders are graceful non-powered planes that take off in the air with a simple thrust. This workshop allows beginners of a young age to gain interest in aviation through building their first paper glider. Principles of flight theory and paper plane design for different missions will be infused during the course. The instructor will guide them through proper folding techniques of paper gliders. The instructors will also guide them on throwing techniques and test flight the paper gliders.

Course Specifications

Key takeaways


Age group

Venue required

Room with tables and chairs for folding,

Field or Open space for testing of gliders.

Teaching Language 

Course Structure

  • Theory on basic aerodynamics - 30 mins
  • Folding of paper plane (Indoors) - 30 mins
  • Test Flight of plane (Outdoors) - 50 mins

3 hours

6 years old and above

Parent-child available

English | Mandarin available

**Each participant will take home multiple paper planes depending on the duration**

  1. Introductory flight principles of paper planes
  2. Essential factors for design of a glider
  3. Practical applications of math and science concepts through folding and flying the paper planes
  4. Tips and techniques of folding paper planes 

Participants will be taught to fold paper planes in halves and quarters, learning fractions and proportions while following the instructions. They will also learn about  geometry of shapes.

Flight science

Participants of this workshop will learn physics concepts like kinetic energy, four forces of flight, Newton's law of motions, flight trajectory, .center of gravity.


I am very happy and enjoyed this workshop. I didn’t know paper planes can fly so far. I love flying !

Student, Lian Hua Primary School