Course Information

New to Radio Control (RC) Plane flying? Have you experienced buying a radio control plane from a hobby shop and crashing it on your first flight? Save yourself from this unnecessary frustration. Let us help you!

In this course we will guide participants on how to build and fly your own Radio Control plane. They will learn how to coordinate the ailerons, rudder, and throttle (motor power) of a plane simultaneously. The trainer will introduce the related electronics and how to maintain them. We will also teach you how to repair your plane when it crashes. You save more with us!

Course Specifications

Key takeaways


Age group

Venue required

Room with tables and chairs for building, Field or Open space for testing of planes.

Teaching Language 

Course Structure

  • Theory on basic aerodynamics - 1 hour
  • Fabrication of RC Plane (Indoors) - 5 hours
  • Test Flight of RC Plane (Outdoors) - 6 hours

12 - 45 hours

10 years old and above

Parent-child available

English | Mandarin available

**Each participant will take home one plane**

  1. Introductory flight principles
  2. Essential factors for design of a plane
  3. Basic electronics concepts
  4. Hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  5. Craft work techniques – penknife, sandpaper, glue, and screwdrivers
  6. Experience roles and responsibilities of being a pilot and a mechanic.

Participants will be building the plane from scratch, sanding the various parts and assembling them together. They will learn how to maintain electronics and test flight. 

Flight science

Participants of this workshop will learn physics concepts like kinetic energy, four forces of flight, Newton's law of motions, control surface and center of gravity.


Glendon is a very good trainer, I learnt a lot from him, especially how to build and repair the plane properly. I am proud to represent my school to do aerial displays. I love flying.

Student, Hillgrove Secondary School