Course Information

This workshop serves as an introduction for children to gain interest in aviation through simple assembly of a rubber-powered glider. Each participant will be handed with a plane kit. More in depth principles of flight theory like motion of flight, pitch of propellers will be infused during the course. The instructor will guide the participants through the assembly of the glider, while imparting them the basics of designing a rubber-powered glider. Subsequently they will balance their glider and learn the techniques of launching the glider. 

Course Specifications

Key takeaways


Age group

Venue required

Room with tables and chairs for building, Field or Open space for testing of gliders.

Teaching Language 

Course Structure

  • Theory on basic aerodynamics - 30 mins
  • Assembly of Glider (Indoors) - 70 mins
  • Test Flight of Glider (Outdoors) - 50 mins

2.5 hours

5 years old and above

Parent-child available

English | Mandarin available

**Each participant will take home one glider**

  1. Introductory flight principles of a rubber- powered plane
  2. Essential factors for design of a glider
  3. Practical applications of math and science concepts through assembling the plane
  4. Material properties - foam, wood
  5. Craft work techniques – sandpaper, glue

Participants will be assembling the glider from scratch, figuring out where the parts belong and trimming the plane in the end for flight performance. 

Flight science

Participants of this workshop will learn physics concepts like elastic potential energy, four forces of flight, Newton's law of motions, propulsion theory and forward flight.


I liked making the glider. Saimen, thank you for this amazing lecture with us. You are a very knowledgeable person with a good heart. The course is very good and interesting.

Student, Hong Kar Secondary School