Course Information

Scratch is a very simple programming platform where one can create basic animations, games and many more. This workshop aims to inspire participants to become thinkers and creators through block-based programming. They will learn how to design their own interactive games by incorporating variables, logical and sequential coding, and looping commands. The characters will be brought to live by back-end coding structures and the participants can test out their codes through simulation. 

Course Specifications

Key takeaways


Age group

Venue required

Indoor space for scratch programming

Teaching Language 

Course Structure

  • Theory on Programming - 30 mins
  • Introduction to Scratch (Indoors) - 90 mins
  • Creation of animations (Indoors) - 60 mins

2.5 hours

9 years old and above

English | Mandarin available

**Laptops will be provided for each participant**

  1. Basic introduction to Scratch Programming
  2. Hands-on learning through logical and sequential coding.
  3. Application of Mathematics concepts by creating variables, and inputting relations into commands.
  4. Design thinking and creativity through the creation of animations and stories
  5. Appreciate the simplicity in coding in modern days.

Participants will learn about logical and sequential coding, through step by step commands. They will also create variables, inputting relativity in commands. 


Programming a game gets complicated at times but Ms Joyce was very patient and gives us time to explore first before sharing with us solutions. I am glad that I can now design games using Scratch programming.

Student, Jun Yuan Secondary School 


Programming is increasing in its importance in new age technology. Learning about Scratch, participants will learn how to code using simple drag and drop techniques.