Elective Module Description

The Urban Farming Applied Learning Module immerses students in the principles of urban agriculture, with a particular focus on innovative techniques like hydroponics and smart watering systems. Through hands-on experiences, students learn to cultivate crops in urban environments using soilless growing methods such as hydroponics, which optimizes water and nutrient usage. Additionally, they explore the implementation of smart watering systems, integrating IoT technology to efficiently manage irrigation and maintain plant health.

By engaging with these advanced agricultural practices, students gain a deep understanding of sustainable food production within urban settings. They learn to design and operate urban farms that maximize space and resources while minimizing environmental impact. This module emphasizes practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge, preparing students to contribute to the growing movement towards urban sustainability and food security.

Module Specifications

Key takeaways

Learning Journey Options

Brief Topics Options

  • Engineering Design Process
  • Food Security / Sustainability goals
  • Innovative Agricultural Technologies
  • Hydroponics Farming
  • Automation / Smart Watering System
  • Plant cycle and Nutrition
  • Industry partner
  • Vertical/Hydroponics Gardens
  • Werms Inc Tour
  1. Overview and basic understanding of the Urban Farming Industry
  2. Exposure to tertiary course offerings and understanding job possibilities and roles in the Industry
  3. Gain insights behind sustainable living and the importance of food security
  4. Practical applications of math and science concepts while being exposed to innovative agricultural technologies.
  5. Hands-on approach as a way to spark and sustain interest in Urban Farming Industry
  6. Certificate which is instrumental for application into Urban Farming tertiary courses
tertiary options
  • Nitec in Urban Greenery & Landscape
  • Diploma in Landscape Architecture
  • Diploma in Horticulture & Landscape Mgmt
  • Diploma in Applied Food Science & Nutrition
  • Diploma in Environmental & Marine Science
  • Degrees in NUS, NTU, and SUTD
  • Singapore Environment Institute
  • Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology 
  • Urban Farmer / Horticulturist
  • Agricultural Technologist
  • Community Garden Coordinator
  • Green Roof Specialist
  • Hydroponics/Aquaponics Specialist
  • Agricultural Researcher


It’s fun & realistic. Philip is also a good and suitable instructor. He guides us patiently whenever we need help. Overall the experience was awesome.

Student, Bedok Town Secondary School


Room with tables and chairs for designing

PLDs and Mouse for Microbit Programming

Wall sockets for power