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Value-In-Action (VIA) Activities


We conduct workshops regularly for persons with special needs. So when we design programmes for your students and guide your students to prepare for the activity, we can advise on what is achievable and the potential challenges.  

Have fun giving back 

We hope our students and beneficiaries can enjoy themselves through the hands-on activities. The programmes we design are meant for more interaction time between both parties, learning through playing. 

link with organisations

Due to our experience conducting workshops for special needs organisations, we have contacts for beneficiaries we can link up with. You can also specify a beneficiary of your choice and we can liaise for you.  


Aligned with our motto "Nurturing Pilots of Life", our Value-in-action programmes are crafted to help students develop empathy, care and respect for people around them, growing up into mature and socially responsible persons.

Why Choose Us?

We look forward to serving you and your students.


"It was an eye-opening experience, I didn’t know it would be so satisfying teaching children."

Student from Bendemeer Secondary

"The grandma was so happy. We had a lot of fun with water splashing out from the rocket."

Student from Hong Kar Secondary

Workshops you can serve . . . 


  • Paper Plane 
  • Chuck Glider 
  • Rubber Powered Glider 
  • Motorised Glider 
  • Air Rocket 
  • P.E.T Water Rocket
  • Basic Drone
  • Drone Programming


  • 3D Pen Fun
  • 3D Product Design
  • LED Pen Holder


  • Car Racing
  • Design a Car
  • Building Tamiya Car

3D Printing

  • DIY Lamp
  • Electronic Car
  • LED Signboard
  • LED Greeting Card


  • Drone Programming
  • Microbit Programming
  • Scratch Programming

Our Values in Action programmes are designed for high levels of interaction between students and beneficiaries, allowing students to empathize, care and respect for the community, These are valuable learning experiences for the students to be nurtured into a socially responsible generation, gathering resources and knowledge to pass on to the less privileged, In our activities, our trainers will usually take the side role guiding and advising while students will have to take the lead in planning process and delegate roles to take charge of various aspects of the event. 

"I had an amazing 1st experience planning a VIA programme with my EXCO and executing it."

Student from Woodgrove Secondary YFC

"Very fun launching the rockets. My team rocks, our rocket can soar the furthest!"

Student from Pei Hwa Secondary

"It was a meaningful morning. Despite the rain, we still launched the rockets excitedly."

Participant from MINDS ACID Camp

"I had a lot of fun playing with the drones. Programming the drone is hard but I did it!"

Participant from Pathlight School