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STEM Elective Module

Just Fly It pioneered the Aeronautics Elective modules in 2013 to introduce the Aviation Industry to students. Following the development of Seletar Aerospace Park and Changi Airport, this module took flight in popularity as it gathered more interest amongst the teachers and students in terms of the career prospects here in Singapore. With the current shift in employment into industries that utilize Emerging Technologies, we hope to expose students to these industries by providing more varied STEM Elective Modules in the areas of Aviation, Drone Technology, Automotive Engineering, Electronics Engineering & 3D Printing Technology.


Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary
Beatty Secondary
Bedok Town Secondary
Bedok Green Secondary

Bendemeer Secondary

Bukit View Secondary
Changkat Changi Secondary
Chestnut Secondary
Chong Boon Secondary
Chung Cheng Main
Damai Secondary
East Spring Secondary
East View Secondary
Edgefield Secondary

Greenview Secondary

Henderson Secondary
Hillgrove Secondary
Hong Kar Secondary
Hua Yi Secondary
Kent Ridge Secondary
Marsiling Secondary

Mayflower Secondary

Nan Hua Secondary
Northland Secondary
North Brooks Secondary
Ngee Ann Secondary
Peirce Secondary

Pei Hwa Secondary

Pingyi Secondary

Punggol Secondary
Queensway Secondary
Serangoon Secondary

Serangoon Gardens Secondary

SengKang Secondary
Siglap Secondary
St Andrews Secondary
Tanglin Secondary
Temasek Secondary
Whitley Secondary
Xinmin Secondary

Yishun Secondary

Yuan Ching Secondary

We look forward to serving you and your students.


I really appreciate this elective module, planned nicely and perfect, I like this programme. Come (to) our school and teach more frequently.

Bendemeer Secondary School

Why Choose Us?


These modules are specially crafted for the benefits of the students. The curriculum is constantly reviewed & modified upon gathering feedback from the students so as to craft lesson plans that would excite them to learn.


With considerations to learning styles of our students, our elective modules keep strictly to 10% theory sessions and 90% hands-on experiential activities. This will ensure full engagement of our students.


21   century skills

Our elective modules are platforms where students can explore their creativity and develop critical thinking through clearing obstacles. They will also learn to communicate and collaborate when they get involved in group work.  

Career exposure

Aligned with the main objective of Elective modules, students will be taken through a career sharing session where we widen their knowledge on various career paths and tertiary education opportunities.

Learning journeys

Just Fly It partners with industry players that are willing to host students and share insights to back-of-the-house operations. Hands-on activities will be arranged on site whenever possible so keep it interactive. 

Experienced trainers

Our trainers have years of experience teaching elective modules. We also train our trainers constantly on classroom management and lesson content to prepare them sufficiently so your students will have a meaningful module. 

Mr Dang was very engaging during the lesson, he teach me a lot of new things in this event. I am grateful for his guidance. 

Ping Yi Secondary School

In this module I understand better about the automotive industry. The course is very meaningful and I want to learn automotive in the future.

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

Aerospace / Aviation Elective Module


Aeronautics Elective Module was first introduced by Just Fly It in Secondary Schools in 2013. In its first year of introduction alone, 18 schools took it up as one of the elective modules. With multiple reviews and evolution, the Aerospace Elective Module aims to give students a taster of the Industry and expose aspiring students to the career options and tertiary options.

Airlines Services Elective Module


With the expansion of Changi Airport Terminal 4 and 5, Airlines Services in Singapore is increasing in demand. This Airline Services Elective Module aims to introduce the job scope of a cabin crew and airline service crew. Students will learn how grooming of a cabin crew and customer handling in an aircraft.

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Automotive Elective Module


The automotive industry is one of the most important economic sectors in the world. Although Singapore does not manufacture vehicles at scale currently, it has one of the most extensive public transport networks in the world and is one of the few countries that produces its own land defence vehicles. It also hosts the Formula 1 Grand Prix, being the first country to include a night race. The current trends also show a shift towards a car-lite society including autonomous and green vehicles.

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Drone Technology Elective Module


Drones picked up in its popularity in the last few years, with IMDA's push for a SMART nation and rapid improvements in the Technology of drones. Drones are now widely used across industries like construction, film, surveillance, security, emergency response and many more. Drones Technology / Engineering Elective Module is a platform where students learn about the interesting career options and pick up a skill of flying.

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Electronics Elective Module


Singapore has a very strong and vibrant growing Electronics Industry that accounts for $90 billion. The industry supports the increasing demand for electronic components and equipments as consumers demand more automobiles, energy efficient technologies and smart homes. With new evolutions in technology, the development of Internet of Things (IoT) requires smooth integration of the physical and digital worlds

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3D Printing Technology Elective Module 

3D Printing is a form of additive manufacturing where the printer will extrude melted filament layer by layer to form the prototype. It is an emerging technology that shortens the product prototype manufacturing duration, and hence is widely used in many industries.

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Product Design Elective Module 


Product design is a process of imaging, creating and refining a product that will meet the needs of a defined target market. Iphone revolutionize smart phone industry through its innovative functions and smart marketing strategies. With the evolutions of new technologies, the world is in demand for product designers to create useful products for the benefits of mankind. 

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I hope the timing will be longer so we can gain more knowledge and fun experience. All the trainers are very engaging and friendly.


Northland Secondary School